Go. Expertise.

There’s a lot we can do to take your business to the next level. And while we’re always willing to pitch-in, there are a few areas that we really deliver. Scroll down to find out more about the three areas where we shine.

Place Branding

We create passion for regions, destinations or neighbourhoods from the ground up.

Create a unique destination

We help places, go places. Working with government, developers, urban planners, urban designers, architects and communities to invent new places for people and we reenergize old places for passionate groups. Beyond just branding a new construction development, the long list of visionary clients looking for a deeper, greater strategy is growing.

Whether you’re defining a region, reimagining an existing neighborhood, creating a new destination or launching a new real estate development, creating a meaningful connection with your audience is as imperative as creating a strong place brand. Through Blackjet’s unique approach to place branding, we create strategically thought-through destinations that solve business challenges.

Create a competitive advantage in parity markets

Working with some of the largest developers and notable place builders across the country, we aim to change how we think about the Marketing of Places. QuadReal from coast to coast, Slate Assets Mangement, Muskoka Townships G8 Rebrand, Dream Developments and Timbercreek in the Nations Capital Region, and RioCan Living and Choice Properties in Toronto are just a few of the clients, controlling billions in assets and prime real estate holdings nationwide, that we’ve applied our methodology to.

We brand places

Your place and brand can occupy a different space in the mind of consumers, to increase market & real estate value. You can also inspire your team and all stakeholders with an overall vision for your place. Some tangible examples that our refined process identifies include:

  • Public space ideation
  • Amenity, services, and retail ideation
  • Interior design tone and feel
  • Architectural design ideation
  • Possible 3rd party partnership opportunities

Strategy & Design

Smart strategic insight, meets thoughtful design. They run off together.

Data needs a strategic POV

A demographic is not enough. Adults 18-54 is not research. We dig deeper. We are cultural anthropologists. We become creeps in your customer’s backyard. We believe that targeted market research is far more insightful than big data. Through a finely tuned ethnographic approach called the Jetstream Process, we get to the core of who your audience is in order to clearly define what your audience wants. What motivates them. What drives them.

We do not design in a vacuum

Once the strategic springboard is set by our Jetstream Process – we launch into design. We then use our ethnographic findings to consult and ideate on audience-led product design. The ideas brought to the table will differentiate you from your competitors, demand premiums, and most importantly, make your product/location desirable to your target audience. The objective is to avoid “sameness”, to disrupt convention and to facilitate adoption. Basically, make it great.

We are branding experts

Our strong design practice applies equally to branding. Once you have a strong product that appeals to your audience, we use the key insights derived from the Jetstream Process to develop a visual brand and brand guidelines.

A strategic backbone leads to innovative design & branding:

  • Naming and visual identity design
  • Brand extensions
  • Complete brand guidelines/look and feel package

Digital Innovation

Where technology & data come together in inventive ways.

Helping fearless thinking clients succeed in digital world.

Today, digital isn’t a thing, it’s everything. At Blackjet we work hard to identify areas of opportunity for new products, services, or customer experiences as they relate to the digital world. We are on a mission to bring creativity, clarity, and humanity to both consumer and B2B digital solutions. Our digital marketing expertise is built to collaboratively help clients use technology to drive brand and product awareness, sales, revenue growth, and brand advocacy.

Digital Innovation means being plugged in. And open to invention. Here’s a sample of our process:

Beginning: Coffee. Breakfast. Bike/car/bus/train/walk/hoverboard. Coffee. Email. Twitter. Instagram. Facebook. Photoshop. Illustrator. Text. Keynote. Send. Coffee. Review. Feedback. Squabble. Revisions. Presentation. Beer. Ramen. Post-its. All-nighter. High fives.

Middle: Find more, think again, work smarter, fail faster, dig deeper.

End: Have we been fearless enough? Hanging on our walls, carved in our brains—so we truly innovate and leave a piece of our fearlessness in every single thing we create. In the end, sometimes we gain the praise of our clients, and sometimes we win amazing awards like Webby’s for innovative digital projects. Sometimes we get likes. Sometimes we just get super excited for ourselves.

The bottom line is that we love working in a media-neutral world. Sometimes our mightiest digital efforts utilize social media, other times an activation or stunt, and sometimes it’s a content play. Regardless, it should be fresh and unexpected.