Production & Studio Manager

With effortless attention to detail and a knack for thinking outside of the box, Ravi makes even the wildest ideas come to life. As Production Manager, he deals with materializing creative concepts, ensuring that every project is completed with the highest quality finishing. Whether it is making a life-size robot or collecting swag from the future, Ravi can make anything happen with his passion and drive.

Ravi has 10 years of experience at Blackjet and embodies the link from creative to production in the agency. With every project comes the responsibility of maintaining budgets and timelines. Ravi consistently delivers above and beyond, never veering away from the agreed upon guidelines.

Prior to Blackjet, Ravi perfected his craft at The Brand Factory for 7 years and at FLY agency for 2 years, giving him almost 20 years of experience in his field.

In addition to managing all production, Ravi also manages the studio department to ensure that everything is up to standard prior to its production. This involves a diligent attention to time efficiency and delegation of resources.

When Ravi isn’t making creative dreams come true, he enjoys checking out different eateries around the city and ventures through different cuisines with every lunch break.